Zhaoman Zeng (also known as Xiao Man or Aman) is an artist and poet. He was born in China and graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department. Zeng Zhaoman focuses on creating contemporary art. He published his English poetry book "Going Home Alongside the Flow of Water" in 2019.

“Painting to me is a kind of redemption. When facing brightness or darkness, I need to stay vigilant and ready to react instantly, and give out A Man's voice. (Coincidentally, my Chinese nickname is also pronounced "A Man”)"

曾昭满(笔名:小满、阿满),艺术家、诗人。1973年出生于湖南,1997年毕业于中央美术学院油画系,现居北京。 虽然精通中国传统绘画和西方油画,曾昭满专注致力于当代艺术创作。2019年,他出版了英文诗集《沿着水流的方向回家》。

“绘画对我来说是一种拯救,面对黑暗和光明,保持警醒并有能力快速做出反应,发出A man(一个人,或我的名字) 的声音。