Times change, years go by. An old book, an old journal, and things that once carried the emotions and will of people, exist or disappear silently in the flowing time.

Several series of paintings of different periods are selected here. Every series of works reflects his thinking on human beings and nature. It shows his deep artistic accomplishment and the spirit and ability of constant exploration in painting.

时代变迁,岁月流逝。一本旧书,一篇老日记, 以及那些曾经承载着人们的情感和意志的事物,就 那样静静地存在于或消失在流转的时光里 ......

这里选取了不同时期几个系列的绘画作品,每 一系列的作品中,均透射着其对人对自然的思考, 展示了他在绘画上深厚的艺术素养和不断探索的精 神与实力。

Painting is the work I have been doing and loving, and many works have been customized and collected. In the meantime, I have also been invited to draw many large Chinese traditional religious murals for many religious sites, such as the temples of Wutai Mountain in China, Shanxi Heshun, Wuxi Lingshan, etc. and created many historically theme sculptures and mural paintings, and these public art projects have been completed for some memorials and important venues. I also took part in some of the exhibitions I was interested in such as 2018 East to West Art Exhibition, Edwin W Zoller Gallery, Penn State.


1970, Born in Qingdao, China
1994-1998 Graduate from the Art Academy of Tsinghua University (the Central Academy of Art and Design), Beijing China, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

2010-2013 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Master of Fine Arts degree 

Member of Beijing Arts and Crafts Society
Member of Hong Kong Sculptor Associatiion
Member of California Watercolor Association

Member of American Watercolor Society

Member of Arts Mid-Hudson

1994-1998年 毕业于清华大学美术学院(原中央工艺美术学院),获学士学位。

2010-2013年 毕业于中央美术学院壁画系第二工作室,获硕士学位。

北京工艺美术学会会员 香港雕塑家协会会员 美国加利福尼亚水彩协会会员 美国水彩协会会员 哈德逊美术家协会会员、中国壁画学会会员

创作之余独立完成和参与了众多公共艺术项目。并在大型传统宗教壁画方面有深入的研习,如:为山东省蓬莱、山 西省和顺、无锡灵山大佛、山西五台山等绘制传统宗教壁画。