Vimalakirti said:Sariputta,The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have a realm,"which is called Inconceivable".In such a realm,if a large galaxies such as Mt.Sumeru are put into the a mustard seed,but the Mt.Sumeru is not shrunk, and the mustard seed is not enlarged, because the Mt.Sumeru originally followed.The original one is the same,and among them,the Four Kings and the the Heavenly.Heavens,all sentient beings and the Mt.Sumeru were put into a small mustard seed,and they were not aware of it.Only those who got such a realm knew.This is called:"Inconceivable realm."

-- Vimalakirti sutra


维摩诘言:唯,舍利弗!诸佛菩萨, 有解脱名:“不可思议”,若菩萨住是 解脱者,以须弥之高广内芥子中无所增 减,须弥山王本相如故,而四天王、忉 利诸天,不觉不知己之所入,唯应度者 乃见须弥入芥子中,是名:“不可思议 解脱法门。”


Buddhist scriptures-The Universe in a Nutshell

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