Our generation and predecessors are too familiar with such diaries. The contents are basically the same.

The product of the Times describes the attributes of groups.

This diary was recorded on April 29, 1965. When the diary owner wrote down this number, the land of China just step out from an unprecedented famine; in a few months later, it will also enter an unprecedented decade of catastrophe...

Two pages left and right, roasted beef on one side and red song on the other. As a matter of fact, roast beef was just a beautiful and abstract word for ordinary people in those days. The fragrance of unreal curry beef, monotonous inspirational songs, turned into monotonous spiritual food, copied in your, my and his pamphlets, filling people's material and spiritual deficiencies.

This is a yearning for the good, but also a reflection of suffering, which corresponds to those unfortunate history...


我们这代人及前辈人,对于这样的日记本 太熟悉不过了。里面的内容,基本上大同小异。


这则日记的记录时间是 1965 年 4 月 29 日。 在日记主人写下这个数字的时候,神州大地刚 刚走出空前的饥荒;再过几个月的时间,也将 迈入空前的十年浩劫......

左右两页,一边红烧牛肉,一边红歌。作 为物质的实实在在的红烧牛肉,在那样的年代, 对于普通的老百姓来说,仅仅是一个美妙而抽 象词汇。虚幻的咖喱牛肉的香味,和单调的励 志歌曲,化作单调的精神食粮,抄录于你我他 的小本子里,填补着人们物质与精神上的双重 缺失。

这是对美好的向往,也是对苦难的折射, 正对应了那些不堪的历史......

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