Lao Liu was born in Daqing, northeast China, in 1963.

He ventured to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, in 2005, and shot a world-shocking and authentic recording of North Korea’s 55th anniversary of independence with the title "Dance and Cross the 38th Parallel." Among others, his journalistic documentary photos with the title "Our New York" recorded the homeless with a unique perspective, had a widespread influence on the international photography circle.

Lao Liu was the cover artist of Asia Pacific Art of 50 years classic special issue.
He held solo exhibitions in Chelsea Art Gallery, Elga Wimmer Gallery and Hudson Art Center, NY and so on.

His joint exhibitions were held in Asian Art Festival, NY; Shiroyama Art Museum, KR; GuanYin- Tang Art Street, Beijing; TS1 Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai; International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi, Bookhouse, KR, NYU, etc.

老六,1963年生于中国东北的大庆市。2005年冒险前往朝鲜首都平壤,拍下了震惊世界的、真实记录朝鲜纪念独 立55周年时的《舞过三八线》作品,他的用新闻纪实的方式拍摄无家可归者,具有独特视角的《我们的纽约》作品 也是在国际摄影届形成广泛影响。


个展在纽约的切尔西艺术馆、ELGA WIMMER画廊、美国纽约哈德逊艺术中心等。 联展在纽约亚洲艺术节、韩国城山美术馆、北京观音堂文化大道、上海TS1当代艺术馆、山西平遥国际摄影节、韩 国BOOKHOUSE、纽约大学等。