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From Xuewu

My artworks are in two disciplines: printmaking and installations. Both disciplines carry my personal concept of Zen Meditation, a long-term ongoing project. Whether two-dimensional printmaking works or three-dimensional installation works, meditation is throughout the process of my creation. 


My work should be regarded as contemporary abstract. Religious ideas, such as Zen are infused in these abstract formations. 


My printmaking work: 

When choosing materials, I some times use objects found around me, some times I carve my own blocks to print. Off-the-shelf products/things around me like a piece of an aluminum block for the old fashioned industrial print shop or a piece of original woodblock prints for Chinese New Year poster.  I also carved materials such as stone, wood, rubber plates, etc.and made them into print blocks. In fact, over the years, I have a pretty big collection of these found and made printmaking blocks. 

In the creation method, I do not often use letterpress. I manually print the blocks on paper one by one,  like a thousand years ago in ancient China. I call it loose printing. 


My installation: 

In material selection, I use newspapers from many countries around the world. 


In the production means, I manually make newspaper into a roll, then twist into a flower, then pinch into a triangle, and so on. The process of making individual objects, forming a group as installation takes years. That has also been the time that I marinate. The process is more like performing art. The completion of the installation is to display them in museums, war cemeteries and places related to history and culture around the world. It is a way I Looking for my own connections to literature, personal meditation, history, and culture.