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Conference 会议
The Co-existence of Science, Technology & Art 2022 International online Summit
​The third US-China College Art Summit and Exhibition

北京印刷学院艺术与科技研究中心第二届“艺术与科技”学术论坛 2022 中国自然辩证法研究会科学与艺术专委会年会

信息时代,艺术与科技的融合是发展趋势,科学、技术与艺术也是多元并 存、互为补充的。关于这种交叉和并存的可能性,我们有无限多的探讨余地。 站在艺术的角度和艺术与科技关系的角度,对科学本身的限度和问题有一个超 出科学之外的视角的反思,可以说是艺术与科学研究的重要目标。而从设计的 角度来看,在艺术与科技的融合过程中,设计的边界在不断延伸,我们可以通 过科学、艺术与技术关系的讨论,来对当下的设计进行反思,并进一步探索设 计的未来。

As the integration of art and technology is the development trend in the information era, science, technology, and art coexist and complement each other in diversity. There is infinitely more room for discussion about the possibility of such intersections and co-existence. From the perspective of art and the relationship between art and science, it is an important goal of art and science research to reflect on the limits and problems of science itself from a perspective beyond science. From the perspective of design, in the process of the integration of art and technology, the boundary of design is constantly extending. We can reflect on the current design and further explore the future of design through the discussion of the relationship between science, art, and technology.

The U.S.-China

College Art Summit


The U.S-China College Art Summit is sponsored by the Penn State University Libraries, Penn State School of Visual Arts, and China Arts Link.

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National Art Education Association (NAEA)



US-China Art Summit: Facilitating Cultural Exchange



March 14. 2019

2:00 - 2: 50 pm

​Hynes Convention Center

Boston, MA

Publication 出版物



ISBN 978-0-578-50484-1

Published on the occasion of the second U.S.-China College Art Summit at the Penn State Paterno Library, and the Penn State School of Visual Arts. The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, August 26 - September 6, 2019


chapter 12: 
U.S.-China Art Summit: Facilitating International Cultural Exchange about Feminist Art and Education

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