​About Us 关于我们
Our Vision and Mission​ 宗旨

China Arts Link is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization registered in New York and Ohio. 


Our Vision is to connect people with all rase, gender, and cultural background through arts to strengthen our society as a melting pot of all cultures. 


We advocate for:

Having access to international culture is important to our public.

Our mission: To facilitate cultural exchange and deepen mutual understanding between the U.S. and China through conferences, exhibitions, and education programs.


What we do:

The U.S-China College Art Summit

Exhibitions, Workshops, and Artists Talks

Support artists by selling their art 

Board 理事会

Xinxin Guo - President 
Adam Short - Secretary

Ed Dadey - Treasure
Xuewu Zheng

Dr.Xiaobo Teng

Zhen Jin

Advisory Board 顾问

Dr. KAREN TREAT KEIFER-BOYD, Professor, Penn State School of Visual Arts, U.S.A.

Dr.Gayle Marie Weitz - Owner, ArtRageUs1, United States

Dr. Fuye Zhang - Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Dr.Limin Song, Dean, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, China

Yi Chen, Department of Public Education, National Museum, China

Xiangling Wang, People's Daily, China

Supporters 支持者:

Dr. Gayle Marie Weitz

Dr. Graeme Sullivan

Tom Lauerman

Henry Pisciotta 

Tammy Hosterman

Amy Milgrub Marshall

Fuye Zhang

Xiangling Wang

Roy and Theo Budnik 




Team 团队:

Arianna Deng

Qian Jiang

Zhu Guang

​Zhenling Wang

Xiran Liu

Christen Sperry-Garcia

Brian Douglas Dick

Jeremy Castro

Megan Lynn Wanttie

Jian Zhang

Yan Gu

Guangliang Bi

Haiying Chen

Chunjie Liu

Qiujie Zhang

Xiuxiu Zhang

Yan Chen

Yu Zhang

Shufeng Kuang

Mingyang Xie

Yize Yang

Bihui Yan

Jianming Xu

Yifei Chen

Minghua Chen

Jiangqi Du

Holly Cheng 

Qi Cui 

Yanhua Gao 

Zhen Guo 

Zhaoman Zeng

Liang Zhang
Ding Zhong 

Zi Hei
Weihong Jiang
Shufeng Kuang
Bo Li
Zhen Li
Zhimi Li
Chunjie Liu

Lao Liu

Ren Qian

Jingdong Shen

Tao Sun

Qiongzhao E.Schicktanz

Xiaobo Teng

Huaxiang Wang

Jun Wang

Lu Wang

Yigang Wang

Yan Xie

Hui Xu

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